Train Up A Child Today To Make A Better Tomorrow

Our goal is to provide our children with the tools they need to accomplish attainable goals that foster success during their school years and throughout life. Most of our children haven been with us since toddler years and have been preparing for a very long time.

Program Overview

We provide a Christian Curriculum, ABEKA for all ages. Our textbooks are high quality in addition to our teaching aids that are designed especially for your little one.  We give each child a scriptural foundation for academic excellence and good character training. This is a ministry that teaches the children the fundamentals of the Christian faith through bible studies, stories, and hands-on events, which are designed to equip them for everyday life.

(age 3)


  • Our teachers are assisting the children to build knowledge and confidence at this early age.
  • ABEKA books are provided for each child. All books are age appropriated to help grow, and develop his or her skills confidently and comfortable.
  • Each child receives one- on- one quality assistance in literacy, emergent math, science, dramatic play, art and manipulative exploration and construction.
  • Our children are encouraged through phonemic awareness to manipulate sounds and learning print to develop reading skills.
  • Each child will be able to recognize shapes, numbers, and group letters with words.
  • Each child is encouraged to tell stories from story blocks.
  • Each child is engaged in real- life situations.
  • Cause and effect is taught through activities.
  • Quarterly Teacher / Parent meeting are scheduled to talk about your child’s target goals and progress.
(age 4)


  • Our teachers assist the child for the next big step school readiness.
  • Our teachers encourage self-awareness during these academic years. Our ABEKA curriculum offers age-appropriated lessons that cover over seven areas of discipline with strong emphasis in mathematics and literacy.
  • We have four enrichment centers that focus on science, sensory, dramatic play, and construction.
  • We use a variety of books, puzzles, counting materials, and play props to enhance learning.
  • ABEKA curriculum is individually age appropriately designed to strengthen language, problem solving, critical thinking skills, social skills, behavior and emotional development.
(age 5 through 6)

Private Kindergarten / 1st Grade

  • Our teachers take every opportunity using the ABEKA Curriculum to build a solid foundation in literacy, mathematics, and other basic skills that are crucial in developing his or her future success in school.
  • At this age our teachers balance instruction with active play, class participation and exploration.
  • Social skills are developed through dramatic play, and experimentation.
  • Literacy is developed through reading, and spatial learning.
  • Math is developed through building, computers, and measuring instruments.
(ages 6 through 8)

School Age Before & After School Programs

  • Our before and after school programs are designed to compliment the school day.
  • Our children can engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
  • We offer computer labs for children to access programs that are educational and fun.
  • We provide quite time for children to study and do homework daily. Our teachers check homework and assist the child if they need assistance.
  • We have a basketball court area where children can engage in fun sports.

Summer Programs

  • Summer camp consists of a variety of age appropriated fun filled weekly field trips.
  • Field trips are pre-planned and parents are welcome to come along.
  • We offer dance, piano lessons, drama, dance, karate, gymnastic, reading camp, art camp and boot camp and more during the summer break.
  • Games and movies are available to summer campers too along with other fun activities.

Extra Curriculum Activities

  • Learn two different languages – Spanish and Japanese
  • Sowing a seed in our Garden of Good Healthy foods
  • Yoga classes
  • Ballet classes
  • Piano Lessons